24 hours
big data

Vogel Communications Group

Data - is not just a buzzword, it is the opportunity to create and develop the future. The sourcing of Data and the work with it helps to initiate something huge within a short period of time. That’s why we set up an event to unfold this field and crawl through the night.

Within a 24 hours challenge you will develop solutions regarding sourcing, crawling, and build new ideas in the connection of big data. A team of data specialists will aid and guide you while you are working on valuable open source projects. We are expecting an inspiring night with local talents from every discipline, working on powerful and impressive projects.

This thrilling event is framed by interesting networking and a hands-on atmosphere. We also cater for your physical well-being to provide the best conditions for a fruitful and inspiring Hackathon. So round up your friends, classmates and colleagues and join the event! We are stoked to create something great with you!

We are looking for ...

  • Data Scientist(s)
  • Python Developer(s)
  • Front-End Developer(s)
  • Back-End Developer(s)
  • UI/UX Designer(s)
  • Electronical/Mechanics Engineer(s)
  • Project Manager(s)
  • Marketing Passioneer(s)

Prizes + Awards

First Prize

  • 1100.01 €
An example of a cool project could be
  • find and combine all available datasets that would describe every city in Europe (e.g. Wikipedia, http://www.geonames.org, etc)
  • do an automatic background activity check for any company by analyzing web presence
  • collect social media posts of a company and use machine learning to classify in which market the company is operating
  • find all the leaked AWS or email credentials / find all the emails in the world published in the web
We highly welcome projects on following topics
  • collection of powerful datasets
  • analysis and feature extraction
  • combining the data into joined dataset
Instruments we can help with
  • asyncio
  • scrapy
  • pandas
  • spark
  • sklearn, pytorch
What to bring with you?
  • open mind
  • lots of energy
  • 3-5m power extension cord
  • laptop
  • smartphone
  • all chargers
  • mattress
  • sleeping bag + towel (dressing room & shower available!)


Check-In/Networking 11:00

Opening, Jury + Mentor Introduction 11:30

Presentation of Ideas + Team Formation + Workspace Presentation 11:45

Lunchtime + Booster Phase 12:45

Start Teamwork + Support by Mentors 14:00

Dinner + refuelling 18:00

Midnight Snack 00:00

Coffee + light breakfast 06:30

Lunchtime + Final spurt 12:00

Closing Teamwork 14:00

Presentation of results 14:30

Coffee + Jury Votes 15:30

Award + Networking 16:00














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